Too Hot for Porridge

IMG_5879.JPGHas anyone mentioned that its been rather warm in Britain this week? Pre- motherhood I could never understand people that would sit, fanning themselves in a vastly over the top fashion, moaning about heatwaves (summer, I think they call it in most places, but that’s not nearly dramatic enough for us Brits)! I live in Wales and despite what my husband says; it rains here, a lot! So for me the odd warm day came as a lovely surprise, and it didn’t matter if the bedroom was a bit warm, or the butter had melted over the kitchen worktop because I could sleep the next night, and I would have plenty of time to clean up the butter pool. Post- motherhood however, my feelings towards these balmy  roasting days has changed! I couldn’t begin to tell you how many times in the last 72 hours I have googled ‘how to cool a baby down without air conditioning’. We have dunked poor Will in bowls of water, he’s hasn’t worn clothes for days (brilliant for my washing pile) and my husband and I have been taking it in turns to stand by the chest freezer with the lid open. But the facts remain the same; its hot, and its totally out of my control!

One thing I can control though is food, or more accurately, breakfast. We usually have porridge as its filling, suitable for everyone, quick to make and cheap. A perfect meal in my humble opinion, but not at all summery. So I set to work creating a recipe for overnight oats that would be suitable for Will as well as us adults. Its hardly a recipe, more a combining of a few ingredients, but the key to making this baby friendly is simply to make it a little more milky than usual, and to use fruit that is pureed rather than whole berries. The quantity below is for 1 portion for a baby (although it obviously depends on how much of an appetite your little one has). My husband and I had double the amounts written with 20ml less milk to make it less liquid.


  • 2 inches of banana, mashed
  • 2 level desert spoons of porridge oats
  • 50ml of fruit puree, I used blueberry and cherry
  • 50ml milk (almond milk, cow’s milk and soya milk are all lovely)
  • pinch of cinnamon (or a few seeds from a vanilla pod)


  • Mash banana and add to the base of a small jar
  • Add the porridge oats and the cinnamon
  • Add the fruit puree
  • Top with milk and close jar
  • Leave in the fridge overnight and enjoy the next morning

You can stir it together before serving but I don’t as Will responds really well to having different tastes and textures throughout a meal. For younger babies, blend the porridge oats until you get your desired texture before adding to your jar; I use a milling blade on a Nutribullet.

So there we are, porridge with a summer makeover! What are your favourite overnight oat flavour combinations? And if anyone out there does have any tips for making heatwaves with babies more tolerable I’d love to hear them!





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