Welcome To my kitchen

Welcome to my blog! I’m Jo, a pharmacist, farmer’s wife and a new mummy to my little boy Will. My husband and I have always been passionate about great food. Before our lives were turned upside down by our wonderfully demanding, sleep-stealing rogue, meal times were savoured and I would spend hours in the kitchen, often talking  I myself like I was on a cookery programme! Then Will arrived and eating a hot meal together at the table seemed like an impossible task! Our suppers turned into meals I could eat one handed on my lap, likely cold, at 9.30pm. It felt for a while like we would never get to enjoy meal times again, and then we began weaning Will. All of a sudden meals had once again become something the whole family could get pleasure from.  I became determined that we would all share as many meals together as possible. I love it when we can all sit down and eat the same (perhaps slightly altered for Will) meals. I love watching his facial expressions when he tastes something new, even when he hates it and throws it on the floor or at me! I also find it very reassuring that by making all his food I can ensure he has a balanced and nutritious diet. In this blog I will share what we eat and how I’ve amended our meals to become baby friendly.



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